Flight of Fancy 47 · Portent

Window reflection, Ravine Lodge Wall

Edwin’s parents were born in Scotland and may have known each other as children before moving south to Middlesbrough, where they were married in 1843. Thomas worked in the Coastguard service and was perhaps posted to the Filey area in that capacity. In 1861 the family was living in Reighton, where Edwin was born in 1857. Ten years later the McPhersons resided in King Street, Filey. Edwin, 14, worked as an errand boy.

The 1881 census was taken less than a month after Thomas died. His widow was staying with friends in Camberwell and her youngest son was working as a barman in a Hope Street hotel. I don’t know where Edwin was on census night, but he was with his father in St Oswald’s churchyard a couple of months later.

John Williamson’s family on the Shared Tree is a disaster area. He married Mary Elizabeth POOL in 1889 and on Filey Genealogy & Connections they have six offspring. I suspect half of the children ascribed to his wife “Eliza Winship” have nothing to do with Mary Elizabeth. John Williamson and his wife sleep eternally in St Oswald’s churchyard and I have put a photo of their headstone on the Shared Tree.

Jane Margaret was the first anniversary of this year. Her husband married again and is buried in another part of the churchyard.

The two wives of Thomas Fenby Crompton are remembered on a stone in the churchyard. I think his second wife, Annie WICKEN, may have been divorced rather than widowed. There is work still to do on their Shared Tree entries.

I haven’t had time today to put Amelia PLASKITT’S headstone on FamilySearch.

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