A Spanner in the Works

My RootsMagic update of Filey Genealogy & Connections currently has Joseph DANBY born in Ulrome, a son of Robert and Jane née GARTON. The register entry for his marriage to Ellen PROCTER gave me pause.

An hour or more of searching didn’t bring me two Josephs I could swear by and I had to put today’s married couple aside.

Filey Genealogy & Connections shows Walter John to be the first child born to John ROSS from Castleton/Danby and Mary Elizabeth (surname unknown). I found these sources –

Marriages Jun 1883 

McFARLANE Mary Elizabeth & ROSS John, Wetherby 9a 157.

1884 Births 

ROSS, Walter John, Mother’s Maiden Surname: MCFARLANE. GRO Reference: 1884 J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 374.

The fifth child, Grace Eileen, was born in Filey in 1899 but the family moved shortly afterwards to Retford in Nottinghamshire where Walter quickly made an impression.

He has left home by 1911 but I have not been able to discover what happened to him. (His mother died in 1908 and the following year his father married Lucy NETTLESHIP, a single woman.)

Searching for Christopher BRUMPTON is somewhat compromised by the likelihood his surname will have variant spellings. I found neither hide nor hair of him after this:-

For more on ‘Tommy Arvery’ and his two sons, see Yawl ‘Trio’and Trio’ Again.

It took me a while to realise I had two versions of John COOK in RootsMagic – and only one gave the triggering birthplace, Heybridge in Essex. John is the brother of Lucy, who had an anniversary on 29 March. However, if you put her ID (MGZS-4VL) in the Shared Tree, she appears out of nowhere. You will find her as “Louisa” if you look for John. Their mother, Susanna, is with John, three grandchildren and daughter in law Jane, on census night 1861, in Gristhorpe. Her husband was unlawfully killed. (See Captain Cook.)

Measure of Man 79 · Bridge Hole

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