Path 167 · Cleveland Way

Blue Dolphin, Gristhorpe Bay

“Lind” was a middle name given to Esther, and her sisters Annie and Elizabeth. Their father was usually happy to go with the middle initial ‘L’ but he was a Lind too. Although he was born in Ireland, it is possible that Dr James LIND was a forebear. (A connection with the Swedish Nightingale is extremely unlikely – she was only seventeen when James Lind MURRAY was born – but I have a dim and distant memory that Jenny has a connection of sorts to Hunmanby.)

Anyway, Esther was born in Exeter but at the age of seven was living with her family in King Street, Filey. In 1881 four of her siblings were with the parents in West Parade but Esther had gone into service. She can be found in a Scarborough household of only two people. Frances CHESTERS, a single woman and daughter of an artist, claimed headship. Her younger brother Leonard M, 29, a student of theology, was with her on census night.

I don’t know what happened to Esther. One of her sisters, Lucy Abry Murray went to America and married twice. Her second husband’s ancestors appear to have been early colonizers of the old New World. (See Jan Willemsen de DUYSTER.)  The Murray family is fragmentary on the Shared Tree and it will be quite a job to bring them all together.

Jane was born in Lebberston and baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. On her next big day at the church, 26 November 1842, she met William ROBINSON at the altar. The couple returned ten months later to witness the christening of Hannah Frances, their only child in Filey Genealogy & Connections. William hailed from Cloughton, north of Scarborough, parents unknown, and Jane’s father on the occasion of her marriage is William MILBURN and not, perhaps, genetically connected to her. (In the marriage register, the groom’s father is John WILLIAMSON.)

After Hannah’s birth, the Filey family Robinson disappears from England’s records. The Shared Tree brings some news. At the age of thirty, Hannah married John WATT in Wellington Ontario. There is no end of life information about William and Jane though.

I have put headstones on the Shared Tree that remember Francis and Susannah HAXBY and Arthur BAILEY. John William NUNN’s wife, Sophia HAXBY, was an anniversary person on 2 January.

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