Rock 32 · Red Cliffs

Cayton Bay

James SCOTTOW/SCOTTER  probably began his working life on a Norfolk farm. He married Sarah READ/READE in 1844 and they began bringing children into the world. Filey Genealogy & Connections has three arriving in Norfolk and four more in Filey. The FamilySearch Tree currently has nine children in total but the headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard says that nine of their offspring died in infancy. John and Sarah may have had a dozen or more grandchildren from marriages contracted by four of their children.

Margaret Baxter BARR’s birth registration gives her mother’s maiden surname as STORK, but Annie had been a widow for over ten years. John BAXTER married Annie Barr née Stork a few months after Margaret was baptised and he accepted her as his own child. He put her on the 1911 census form as “Maggie Baxter” but seems uncertain about claiming her as his own flesh and blood; (2 changed to 3).

John and Ann have yet to marry on the Shared Tree – and I have been unable to determine what happened to Maggie after 1911.

I know next to nothing about today’s married couple, but if you seek them out on the Shared Tree you will see they are responsible for the explosion of HARLANDs several generations after their passing.

Elizabeth ELDERS is the sister of Newman, whose marriage to Caroline Mary FREUND was remembered on 28 January.

Kath noted in FG&C that Mary Hannah was a servant to Thomas and Hannah OMAN in 1861 and I hoped to find out if things got better for her. Hannah Oman was born Hannah Green BRAMLEY – her mother was Mary GREEN (born 1809, Church Garforth) – and so perhaps a blood relative of her servant girl.

St Oswald’s burial register says “Mary Green” was 19 years old, so there is a possibility that “Mary Hannah” is another person who had a long life free of drudgery.

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