Bird 125 · Three More Woodies

Old Tip

On short time today, so I am offering scraps again.

Violet May was just Violet when her birth was registered in Hull. Her father was, in all likelihood, Benjamin Fleming WHITE but he had yet to marry her mother, Hettie DUINKERK. I need to be more certain about her origins before giving her a FamilySearch ID. There is a stone in the churchyard remembering her and her husband James Scotter JENKINSON.

Mary Jane SCOTT is the mother of Minnie Marriner (Anniversary 18 February).

I created IDs for John and Martha and put a photo of their headstone on the Shared Tree.

Joanne donated several photographs of John Revill STOCKDALE to the old Looking at Filey blog and gave me permission to photograph his watch and watch chain.

All photos courtesy of Joanne Cammish

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