Tree 78 · Country Park

Agnes was the first child born to John Henry Hanson’s second wife. The sister she never got to meet lived longer but didn’t make it out of childhood. Both are remembered on the family headstone.

How could I not choose Minnie? She loses one of her given names in some sources, Geatches most often, and signs the marriage register Minnie M. C. G. Tout. Husband Frederick Robert Pearson was a young widower. His first wife died barely a year after the wedding. Minnie was restrained in the naming of her first child – Medga Mary Geatches. Filey Genealogy & Connections says that s son was born in Canada in 1910 – and baptised the following year at St Oswald’s, Filey. Perhaps the family returned to Canada because I found no further information about them.

Frederick George SEWELL was a Hunts Cyclist(FG&C) and he had two sons with Mildred before “disappearing”. Mildred is remembered at a family grave but her name is on the kerb, not the headstone.

She is a niece of John George Waller (last Sunday’s post).

I have given John JACKSON the middle name Sowersby but this is “othered” elsewhere. He died quite young but a three-year range in his birth year added to the difficulties in tracking him down.

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