Wave 78 · Filey Bay

Frederick LORRIMAN. See Frederick II and Prince Eugene. There is a more recent photograph of his headstone at Find-a-Grave.

Henry Edmund CONDUIT was born in Dorset and seems to have spent most of his sixty years in southern counties. It is a mystery why he was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s when he was six to eight months old. He married Sarah Ada STREET in Shaftesbury in 1903 and the couple had at least five children. In 1916 he was working as a printer’s foreman in East Finchley. Although almost forty, his country wanted him for cannon fodder and his employer, Mr H W Simpson, sought an exemption for him. The Finchley War Tribunal granted one for three months. I think he was later required to serve but was obviously returned safely to his wife and children.

Francis Edmund HANSON died three years after he married Mary Jane. Her childless widowhood lasted for over half a century.

Filey Genealogy & Connections says that Richard Thomas had the nickname ‘Britner’. I have not been able to find any Old Filonians who know how he came by it. (His firstborn son Thomas went by ‘Topper’ and fourth son George by ‘Skifer’.)

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