Accidental Deaths

Michael David WARE died while egging on Carr Naze. See Michael Lost.

And three Polish soldiers died in an explosion at their Pickering base. I have looked for Edmund, Czeslaw and Adam on the Shared Tree without success. (Transcriptions below: Crimlisk Survey 1977.)

553 Berych G409 War Grave – Polish Eagle

Sierz. E. BERYCH 11 Komp. Sap., 5th June 1944, aged 31.

Polish Forces

554 Grochowski G408 War Grave – Polish Eagle

Kpl. C. GROCHOWSKI 11 Komp. Sap., 5th June 1944, aged 41.

Polish Forces

505 Michalik G407 War Grave – Polish Eagle

Sap. A. MICHALIK 11 Komp. Sap., 5th June 1944, aged 27.

Polish Forces

Jane GARTON was born in Skipsea and married Robert DANBY there in 1834. They had nine children but none have made it onto the Shared Tree yet.

Phyllis Irene died less than two months after her father, Thomas BERRY. I couldn’t find causes for either death but money was collected in the town to assist the widow and her children.

£13 in 1911 would have a “real wage “ value today of over £1,250.

Insect 46 · Painted Lady

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