The Smiths #2

It is Annie Smith’s birthday today.

Photographer unknown, c.1895, courtesy of the Smith family via Kath Gomersall

Robert SMITH and Zillah Agar SUGGIT had four daughters. They are posing here in the garden of Church Cliff Farm and I have guessed the year the photograph was taken.

In order of arrival on the planet, the girls are Zillah Agar (’67), Mary Harriet (’70), Annie (’74) and Sarah Edith (’76).

Mary Harriet was the first to depart, in 1895, then Annie in 1898 and Zillah Agar in 1902. Phthisis claimed all three. Youngest sister Sarah Edith lived for 75 years.

This is enough information to hazard identification. Left to right I think we are looking at Annie, Mary Harriet, Zillah Agar, and Sarah Edith.

Field 14 · Church Field

St Oswald’s and Church Cliff Farm

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