A Murderer in the Family

As chance would have it…

The three people in today’s grid who have the name of The Glasgow Poisoner are not all related by blood. The odd one out is Ruth’s husband – as you would hope. Ruth Ann is an aunt of the hanged man and Horatio Ernest his brother. As a morbidly fascinating bonus, Gertrude Hannah CREESER would have been Edward William’s daughter-in-law had things taken different turns. Her husband, William Kenneth, was eight years old when his father received the ultimate punishment, and Gertrude was not yet a twinkle.

Gertrude married as a Creeser in her mid-thirties but I happened upon a record of a previous union, contracted in 1893. My first divorce!

Filey Genealogy & Connections gives Ruth’s husband a middle name – Philip – and a different mother to the one under their roof on census night in 1851. The “right William Pritchard” held the office of High Bailiff of Southwark. I am on his case but not yet sure enough to marry him on the Shared Tree.

For more on the murderer, just search for him online, and see Edward the Confessor.

Path 171 · Near Speeton

54.160797, -0.237926

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