Path 172 · Cleveland Way

Cayton Bay

I chose Charles Freear COLEMAN because his middle name gives me some hope that he is a distant relative. Born in Filey and baptized at the Ebenezer, his roots are in Suffolk. (Mine are in Lincolnshire.) Kath is uncertain about the father she has given him in Filey Genealogy & Connections, so I have gone back to his great-grandfather Jeremiah on the Shared Tree to check.

Among his forebears, Jeremiah has Sir Matthew KINDRED II and his wife Lady Kathryn HAYWARD (17th century), and he does have the queried Thomas as a firstborn son – who isn’t married. Two blue hints reference the boy’s baptism in Filey in 1860 and when I check the sources added to his record, I find I provided his birth. Over on Find My Past, he is married to FG&C’s “Hannah COULMON?” Is she real?

Hannah doesn’t show up in a Free BMD Marriage search. Two census hints on Find My Past explain why. In 1891 Thomas is living in Middlesbrough with his wife “Isabella”, born in Whitby. Conveniently, his father-in-law, Walter CURRIE, is staying with them.

They have a son, John, who is three years younger than Charles. I feared our birthday boy had left this world but further searches failed to confirm that he ever existed. As far as I know, Kath had access to the Primitive Methodist and Wesleyan baptism and marriage records but I have not been able to locate an online source for them, to confirm the information they hold.

I am not going to seek a birth anniversary replacement for Charles Freear. I will give Thomas a wife on the Shared Tree and that may lead to Charles being discovered by another researcher.

I wrote a post about Nathan STOCKDALE a while back – Nathan the Indefatigable.

There is a tendency for Victorian CROSHER families to decide they preferred to be CROSIERs. While some children welcomed the change, other siblings clung on to the old spelling. Given that the two stones in St Oswald’s remember John CROSHER, it would appear that Crosier has been forced upon him on the Shared Tree. (The majority of sources attached to him are for Crosher.)

There was a girl called BINDOFF in my class at primary school – as good a reason as any to choose Mary Ann. She is one of only four female Bindoffs in FG&C. There are three males. She is remembered on a “stone book”, not on the upstanding family headstone.

Allinson or Allison, WALBURN, WELBURN or WALBON. Here he is in stone –

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