I had four headstones to upload to the Shared Tree today. Several people had to be “created” and the task took almost five hours to complete.

Ellen Routh DUNN is the odd one out. I need more time to discover just how odd her family may have been. Ellen’s mother married William DUNN, an elderly widower, in 1845. He died the following year. A number of Dunn children appeared over the ensuing decade and most, if not all, were given the middle name “Routh”. In 1851, the widow Dunn had a lodger in her Church Street cottage. Adam Routh from Hawes may have fathered all of Elizabeth’s children.

Mary WILLIAMSON was only eight when her brother was killed in the war that didn’t end all wars. I imagine she was heartbroken. See Remembering Jenkinson Haxby for George Edward’s Filey brother-in-arms who also failed to come home.

Abstract 102 · Seawall Exclamation

Royal Parade

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