Led Astray

On the anniversary of his baptism (25 May), I put the headstone remembering Joseph WILSON’s life on the Shared Tree, not noticing that he was a cuckoo in the nest of the wrong parents. My bad  – to be so easily taken in. I only discovered my mistake today because his sister Elizabeth’s funeral took place on this date in 1896.

Joseph senior and Mary DICKINSON had twelve children and Elizabeth was the only one for whom I didn’t have an ID. On closer examination today, I discovered that all but three of them in my Wilson Births & Baptisms list belonged to “the other lot”, over in Doncaster. I think that only three of the Filey Wilson children have rightful places on FamilySearch.

I have detached Joseph junior from the wrongful parents, leaving him in limbo for the time being.

I don’t have much to say about today’s other anniversary people.

Rosanna CHEW is the daughter of Lucy COOK (burial 29 March) and may have been told stories about the killing of her grandfather, Michael. Rosanna was married for less than four years and had one daughter who lived for just seven months.

Henry Haggit FOX was born in the Hope & Anchor public house in Church Street, Filey and died in the nation’s capital. He married a “southerner” whose father made news at the end of his life.

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