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Filey Sands

Hannah Elizabeth ALLISON was one of three daughters born to George, an agricultural labourer, and Mary Eliza BIGGINS. She lived to a good age but was from that generation of women whose search for a husband was compromised by the “Great War”.

I haven’t found a FamilySearch ID for Louisa BASHAM either, though she managed to find two husbands. She was the daughter of a Norfolk shepherd and gamekeeper who made his way to Hunmanby as a young man, married Ann Elizabeth SMITH and had nine children with her. Louisa first married a Hull printer, George Augustus CLEARY, but he died in 1910, a year after their only child Florence was born. The following year she married James WRIGHT in Scarborough.

John Gennery STOCKDALE was born in Essex, the son of a Preventive Service man, but married Mary WHITTLES in Filey St Oswald’s church in 1826. Not all of their nine children stayed in Filey but one or two who found partners in other towns returned.

Kath has put a note on Filey Genealogy & Connections about Charlie HATTERSLEY.

Charlie was one of those really nice quiet men who was so inoffensive & polite.  He was married twice; his first wife is buried at Hunmanby (God’s Little Acre and I think he is). He lived at 64 Northgate which is one of the old cottages with the long gardens and was formerly Sea View Terrace (because you could really see the sea from there – my mum lived next door so I know).

In September 1939, The Register placed him with his first wife Edith née BUTCHER on a smallholding near Pateley Bridge. FG&C has him marrying Laura Elizabeth STIRK at Filey Methodist Church in August 1958. He died in Scarborough Hospital.

Richard MAULSON also married twice. Here he is with his first wife, Harriet Marshall HORNER.

Richard is a second cousin to yesterday’s Ellen, common ancestors Robert Maulson and Elizabeth ANDERSON.

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