Insect 48 · Mirid Bug

Mirid calocoris, Martin’s Ravine

Robert, the second son of Robert Varey HUNTER and Margaret Edmond ETHELL left Filey as a young man. The 1901 census finds him boarding at 6 Exmouth Street, Leeds, where he is working as a tram conductor. His landlady is the widow Jackson, 60. There is another boarder, a traveller in drapery called Henry Charles WALMSLEY, 27, from Ulverston. Sarah Jackson’s widowed sister, with her two children, is with her on census night. It is an article of faith that Robert is a healthy fellow and looking for a wife. He is also a bit on the old side to be taken for cannon fodder in the second decade of the new century. A search in Free BMD finds only two marriages in Yorkshire between 1901 and 1910. Both were in Scarborough and the bride in 1909 was Mabel Jane JACKSON – but her mother was called Jane, not Sarah. The groom could still have been our Robert, of course, but I had no sight of him after this date. Does anyone know what happened to him?

William Henry was the second son of Samuel  CRISP and Mary Anne COWLING. His mother died when he was ten years old and his father married again. On census night 1881, there were thirteen people under the Crisp roof at 5 Princess Street, Scarborough. They included three of William’s siblings, two stepsisters, his stepmother, and his stepgrandmother. Four people were visiting, two being young evangelists. William died in Scarborough in 1937.

Mary STAVELEY married Arthur Edmund WATKINSON in Nafferton in 1925 and, Filey Genealogy & Connections says, died in Murrumbena, Victoria in 1980. I am wondering if she was a ten-pound Pom.

 After her husband’s early death, Sarah Cammish married widower Robert SIMPSON. The Shared Tree hasn’t caught up with this union yet but I photographed the headstone that documents it yesterday.

In affectionate remembrance of ROBERT SIMPSON, who departed this life May 2nd 1881, aged 67 years.

Also, ANN, his beloved wife, who died Feb 12th 1847, aged 39 years.

Also, SARAH, his second beloved wife, who died July 2nd 1883, aged 69 years.

And MATTHEW, his beloved son, who was drowned at sea from the Brig Britannia, Sep 27th 1851, aged 18 years.

‘Blessed are the dead

Which die in the Lord’

Also, ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, who died July 14 1898, aged 63 years

‘At rest’

2 thoughts on “Insect 48 · Mirid Bug

  1. Had a go at Robert Simpson & family on shared tree so is now on for others to see. still a bit confusing related to Crawford as believ Elibeth Married Richard as only candidate found but no supporting evidence ashe married elsewhere. Something to do another day. Tom B Cammish


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