Landscape 159 · Flat Cliffs

54.186298, -0.275461

It takes about an hour on average to prepare a headstone photograph for uploading to FamilySearch – and today I put up six. Not much time for anything else.

The IDs for Charles COBB and Ann have been triggered by the marriage source. They have no Shared Tree future or past. To see how they are great grandparents of Charles OVERY, who spent a winter trapped in Arctic ice, you will have to go to Filey Genealogy & Connections.

Enoch ARTLEY brings an old first name as near as damn-it to the 21st century. A namesake and close relative worked on the roads around Speeton until he was ninety years old and you can also find him on FG&C. (There is a note of warning; “need to review Artley family – incorrect.”)

2 thoughts on “Landscape 159 · Flat Cliffs

  1. Hi Ian, My interpretation as the shared filey tree is that Ann Artley was unmarried as is stated on 1851 census. The Robert & John being born without any fathers name except for their middle name as Foster of which their is no other record found to substantiate. Enoch has nothing to do with any Foster either. its a take your pick


  2. Ann Artley b.1873 Speeton married William Sharp 1900. The 1901 and 1911 census showed she lived at Hunmanby with her husband and family. Hope this helps anyone researching Enoch Artley and family.


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