Path 175 · Cleveland Way

Near Gristhorpe Wyke

Julia PRUST has left the slightest of impressions on Filey Genealogy & Connections. After marrying Charles Henry JEFFERSON in Leeds when she was nineteen, I lose touch with her. It is pleasing to see her with seven children on the Shared Tree. It seems that the Prust family name started out as PREST with the change occurring around the beginning of the Eighteenth Century. The European Surname Map indicates that in England and Wales Prests outnumber Prusts by about eight to one.

There seems to be a space on the Shared Tree into which John ‘Jack’ SHIELDS might fit  – after brother James and before Fred arrives. Kath has him there in Filey Genealogy & Connections. I have a photograph of the stone remembering him and his wife Sally. I will add it to the Shared Tree when his place has been determined.

In loving memory of a dear husband, dad, and grandad, JACK SHIELDS, died 8th July 1983, aged 71.

‘At Rest’


Also, his beloved wife SALLY, died 26th December 2003, aged 89, a loving mother and grandmother.

‘Reunited and in our hearts forever’

I think Sally is Sarah Elizabeth BOWKETT, born in Doncaster on 19 July 1914 to a miner, Vincent Hugh, and Sarah Elizabeth MERRITT (or MERRETT).

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