Beach 170 · Mile Haven

Fanny Dedman is the fourth great-granddaughter of Christopher SCOTTOW and Lucretia FISH, who married in Wickmere in 1662, This small village is about ten miles inland from the Norfolk coast settlements of Sheringham, the Runtons, Cromer and Overstrand that supplied Filey with a significant number of fishermen and their families. Fanny married fisherman John Henry HANSON in 1894 but died the following year, perhaps in childbirth.

The children of joiner Robert FRANKLAND and Elizabeth GOFTON didn’t fare well. William stayed for a few days in 1843 and William Gofton for perhaps a couple of months in 1846. Naomi Sarah put up with life for a bit longer, dying in her third year. Two more children were born after her death but I don’t know how long they endured – or if the poor parents made old bones. Naomi is without any family at all on the Shared Tree, though blue hints offer the names of her parents and the years of her arrival and departure.

Horatio Wilkinson had three children with Mary WILLIS before he drowned from the Integrity, along with Joseph WINSHIP, George SCOTTER, Rickman SKELTON and Wrightson PEARSON – all remembered on the Fishermen’s Window in St Oswald’s Church. A year or two after her father was lost, Mary Elizabeth was violated by Frank GRICE in a herring house. Her younger brother Charles Canby’s birthday was remembered here on REDUX on 27 April. In the summer of 1889, Mary bore the child of John TEMPLE, an unmarried groom. The infant was registered as Florence Wilkinson but John and Mary married in 1891 and so, in 1901, the thirteen-year-old was enumerated as Florence Temple and in 1914 she married as Florence Wilkinson Temple. Horatio’s other daughter, Frances Willis Wilkinson, is remembered on a St Oswald’s headstone with her son, John Temple Wilkinson, her mother, and her stepfather.

Jane TELFORD (as named on the Shared Tree) was born in Filey but married John SANDERSON in Hutton Buscel. After the birth of their first child the couple emigrated to Canada and had six more children in Grahamsville and Brampton, small settlements later swallowed up by Toronto.

Filey Genealogy & Connections is in two minds about Thomas SUGGIT’s birthplace. Was it Sheriff Hutton or Kirby Grindalythe? The one-line entry for his marriage at St Oswald’s in 1766 gives no indication that they were from anywhere other than Filey. Mary had, however, been born in Reighton. From there, it is a twenty-mile journey to Kirby Grindalythe and almost twice as far to Sheriff Hutton. What is certain is that Thomas is responsible for the mercantile family that made a significant contribution to the life of nineteenth-century Filey. What may always be in doubt is who of the many Suggits should have an extra ‘t’ at the end of their family name.

2 thoughts on “Beach 170 · Mile Haven

  1. Hello again, My research has Thomas Suggitt 1737 from Marske, son of John, not Kirby Grindalythe or Sheriff Hutton? See MPCK-J5P Tom B Cammish


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