Bird 128 · Meadow Pipit

The Stone Marker 54.218592, -0.276540

In brief…

After her CAPPLEMAN husband died, Susannah JENKINSON married a JOHNSON, John William, I think.

Thomas FARTHING was born in Hedon, near Hull, but has a place on Filey Genealogy & Connections because his brother Robert’s descendants morphed into FARLINGs and FARLINEs, some of whom made their homes in Filey.

Henry HUBBARD and his wife Susannah came to live in Filey late in their lives. They are not to be found in FG&C but a substantial stone in the churchyard remembers them. I thought I had traced them back to their birth families in Suffolk, but just before uploading their memorial to the Shared Tree, I noticed a ten-year discrepancy in their ages at death – when through a series of censuses there were only a couple of years between them. This newspaper notice gave me a start in the search for them –

I think this could be Susannah’s birth registration (GRO Index) –

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