Clouds 62 · Above the Country Park

Edith Amelia was one of seven PECKITT girls born to James and Anne DINNEWELL. She was eighteen when her mother died and the only daughter living with her father in 1911, keeping house and perhaps helping him with his work as a milk dealer. James would live to the age of eighty but, three years before he died, he saw Edith married to Dennis LANE at St Oswald’s. He may have dandled granddaughter Honora Annie Peckitt Lane upon his ancient knee. Edith was widowed in 1939 and died in 1942. It would take Honoria another fourteen years to choose a husband. She married into the TRAPP family in 1956.

George is one of four children born in Filey to William RAWLING, a Scarborough whitesmith, and Ann COATES from Wath by Ripon. The 1861 census shows that the couple had lived for a while in Newcastle upon Tyne and Leeds before arriving in Filey – and the family would move on to Marske and Middlesbrough. In 1881, Number 6 Oak Street in the latter place shelters the parents, George, Filey-born sisters Emily and Annie, and younger brother Henry, born nine years earlier on Teesside. George is a labourer “out of employ” and although I later catch glimpses of someone who might be him, I can’t be sure. This George seemed a likely lad – but not for long.

Wrightson PEARSON was mentioned in despatches a few days ago, drowning from Integrity. Mary Ann’s name is inscribed on his headstone – but not the date of her departure from this life.

John Smith GOFTON has a fine cross – all to himself.

Mary is hiding on Filey Genealogy & Connections under her husband’s name, but Kath has left a note that enabled me to chase her down.

Ernest Walter married Mary HAMPSHIRE in Wakefield at the end of 1909. They were both natives of the town but  Ernest was about twelve years older. In 1911 they had an infant daughter, Kate, and enumerated with them in Hudswell Street, Sandal Magna, was Mary’s maiden aunt Sarah Jane Hampshire, 52, born in nearby Horbury. Ernest is working as a clerk. What pushed or pulled him into keeping a hotel in Filey? It is sad it didn’t work out.

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