Ralph Nellist x2

Wilfred NELLIST was born in Lebberston, as evidenced by the 1911 Census – one of four sources attached to his record on the Shared Tree. This same source shows that Wilfred’s father Ralph was also born in Lebberston. But Ralph has three other census sources offered to prove his identity. His birthplace in 1881 is given as Willerby Wold; in 1891 just Yorkshire in transcription but Willerby on the page image; in 1901 Lebberston, when he has two infants who are “Wilfrid’s” older siblings in 1911. Willerby by Staxton is about seven miles by road from Lebberston.

By 1901, Ralph had set up his own household following his marriage to Caroline McLAREN, but in the earlier censuses, his parents are given as George and Harriet. Wilfred’s paternal grandmother Harriet has fifteen sources.

Filey Genealogy & Connections reckons Wilfred’s paternal grandparents are Walter Nellist and Elizabeth CARR.

Game on.

Take a look at Walter and Elizabeth on the Shared Tree. Ralph’s birthplace in Tree View is “Eskdale, Cum Ugglebarnby” but the 1881 census source attached gives Lebberston.

Meanwhile, in Eccleshill, “Willerby Ralph” is with both parents and four siblings.

Today’s birthday boy can’t be the son of both Ralphs.

FamilySearch screenshot 16 July 2022

Found Object 67 · Beach Ball

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