The War Criminal’s Granddad

Born in Stockwell, London to Tom PARSONS and Mary Ann WRIGHT, birthday boy Charles became an actor-manager and went by the stage name “Jimmy Lynton”. The information I have to hand has him marrying Mary Augusta Ridgway BRIDSON in 1927 when he was thirty-nine years old. His son Charles Leo Augustus, the future war criminal’s father, had been born at 1, Granville Road, Filey, four years earlier and Free BMD Births gives the mother’s maiden surname as RIDGWAY. The child was baptised at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Filey –

14 Sep PARSONS   Charles Leo Augustus son of  Charles et Mariae Augustae

        4 Aug 1923  Godparents Joannes Hinings, Florence McKeching.   (nee Wilson)

Transcribed by Jack Sharp, 2001

The wee chap was then handed over to foster parents, James and Mary Blair, and as a young man, he changed his name legally to Leo Charles Lynton BLAIR. Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair KG, it is said, inherited his father Leo’s ambition, drive, and charm.

War criminals have been in the news a lot recently. Nuremburg-style trials are taking place in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and the BBC aired a documentary a few days ago that detailed the torture and execution of Afghan citizens by members of the UK’s elite Special Air Services. True Brits responded angrily, condemning the Beeb for smearing our boys. Did the Corporation not realise that in this country we admire and ennoble our war criminals?

Leo Blair’s life began here –

Photographed yesterday morning

(A close reading of the Parson Pedigree is recommended.)

You are young, Father William

Filey Genealogy & Connections seems to be correct in showing the mother above to be Mary GROVES but suggests Mary Ann GOFTON brought  James into the world. Confusion has been sown, I think, because of strange goings on in a house on Cayton Cliff. The same William Fletcher who had the three children on the screenshot above may have later married Hannah, a much younger sister of Mary, and had a few children with her. It will be quite a task, sorting these people out.

There is a photograph of Thomas on Suggit/Suggitt.

Mark of Man 93 · Love’s Arrow

Google Alt-Text: A leaf on a tree

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