Daisy Tulip

Elizabeth Ann TULIP was born on the Durham coalfield, close to the Springwell Vale Pit, and less than a mile from a present-day expression of human endeavour – the Angel of the North. You would expect Elizabeth to have miners among her ancestors, but perhaps be surprised that she married a Filey man, as her mother’s sister had a quarter of a century earlier. On census night 1911, Miss Tulip was with Aunt Elizabeth Ann Cambridge at 11 Brooklands and perhaps she stayed in the town until she landed her fisherman husband fourteen years later. Maybe it was to avoid confusing Filey folk that she went by “Daisy”. There is a note on Filey Genealogy & Connections that Matthew CAMMISH, the man she married at St Oswald’s on 6 June 1925, had a coble called Daisy Tulip.

An online tree says that Matthew’s byname was “Mather” but doesn’t indicate how this was pronounced. It seems clear from the headstone that he could manage without the middle name he is sometimes given.

For Thomas CHAPMAN, see Cousin Thomas and Comrade Tom.

Insect 51 · Bumble Bee

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