Albert and Elsie

Albert Edward WORTON was born in Luton and after joining the Hunts Cyclists was posted to Filey. Here he met Elsie May BURR, daughter of David (birth anniversary 5 March). The war to end all wars had been over for almost a year when the couple married at St Oswald’s. Their daughter Mildred Mary married and had a son who contributed photographs and information to the “old” Looking at Filey blog!  

Albert & Elsie, courtesy of Keith Taylor

I think the photo was taken at the Burr Riding Stables in South Crescent Road, and the young man on the right is Keith.

Margaret WEBB is the granddaughter of Robert STORK and Margaret CHAPMAN (marriage anniversary 15 March). I haven’t discovered how her brief life ended.

Maude Charlotte POTTER celebrated her birthday here on 29 January but she hasn’t received the gift of a FamilySearch ID yet. She married Frank WADE of Stalybridge at St Oswald’s in 1921. He has a place on the Shared Tree and a Scarborough death registration in 1952 fits him well – but I have coloured the year orange on the grid. Maude lived on for another forty years.

The life of George WHEELER also ended at the age of seventeen.

Ellen Lydia WESTON was born in London and married John Frederick SAMWAYS in the capital when she was 28. I don’t know how long they lived in Filey before taking their rest in the churchyard.

Found Object 69 · Spade

Google Alt Text: A pair of scissors next to a pair of scissors

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