Sand 45 · Tideline

Annie Rose Cooper was baptised at the Wesleyan Chapel in Filey when she was just a month old and buried in St Oswald’s churchyard ninety-one years later. Her parents Thomas and Rosannah were our wedding anniversary couple on 14 March. Rosannah died in 1909 and on census night years later Thomas was eighty and still working as a joiner and undertaker. Annie, 43, was with him and so was her older sister Kate. Thomas indicated that Kate was his housekeeper but someone has crossed this out. Annie’s occupation is a mystery.

Their home had eleven rooms and after the death of Thomas, the daughters continued to live at Binton House, West Avenue. It was Kate’s last address in 1944. Annie died in Bempton Lane Hospital fifteen years later.

Binton House

Frederick Norris PEACOK’s father was a gadfly. In a six-year stay in Filey, he saw four of his children baptised at St Oswald’s. In 1834 he told the clerk that he was a lodging house keeper, in 1826 that he had no occupation or profession, in 1838 a brickmaker and in 1840 “a gentleman”. A year later he declared to the enumerator that he was “Ind”. He kept busy for seven more years, fathering three more children, leaving his widow in 1848 with seven to care for. It is fortunate that she appears as a “landed proprietor” in the 1851 Census. In 1861 she elaborated – “Proprietor Railway Shares Land & Houses.”. Her three children over twenty didn’t have to work. In 1871she settled for “Landowner & Annuitant.”  She had only her youngest daughter for company. I haven’t tried to follow the others who were perhaps still alive, but Frederick was dead, on the sixth day of December 1869.

The seven children of Robert COLLEY and Sarah Hannah NODDLE have not yet been born to them on the Shared Tree. When John Richard has been given an ID, he can be hooked up to Gladys Mildred, daughter of Frank and Louisa née BLUNDELL.

Edward George GASH and his wife Mary Hannah buried four infant children. The Great War ended the lives of two young men who went for soldiers. Their daughter Elizabeth’s first husband was also sacrificed. See a bit more about Edward in Family Gash

The boy sailor Robert DONELSON may never have a place on the Shared Tree. There is speculation that he was a native of North East England or Scotland but, other than that, his life sketch is in the burial record, complete until someone finds out more about him.

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