A Choice of Mothers

On the Shared Tree, Lillia Adelaide COLLINSON’s mother is either Ann Collinson or Sarah Ann. The GRO Births Index indicated that the parents registered the births of seven children. The maiden surname for five of them is NELLIST. Sarah Ann’s father, William Nellist, was from Littlebeck near Whitby  After his wife Martha Ann POOL died, and as he approached his death, he lodged with Sarah Ann and four of her children in Muston. Lillia was working then as a domestic servant and would marry Tom Oliver a couple of years later. Tom worked as a horseman on a farm and after they had brought three children into the world – Walter Ernest, Mabel and George – I lost track of them.

Jane Elizabeth MOUNTAIN was baptized at St Oswald’s. FG&C  says her father was a porter but doesn’t tell us from whence the Mountains moved to Filey. The Shared Tree is more helpful, pointing to a couple of generations of Northamptonshire folk. Sadly, Charles Mountain outlived his daughter. After marrying Henry or Harry PIDD and having two children, Jane died in Bridlington aged thirty-seven. There are photographs of her and a number of other close relatives on the Shared Tree.

Robert Edward WATSON was a musician and his father a gentleman. Patricia WHITEHEAD’s father was a solicitor and I was intrigued by her middle name, Sollie. Robert was thirty-five years old, a bachelor residing in Filey; Patricia was only twenty and a long way from home in Bridport. That one of the witnesses at the wedding in 1902 was Warcup CROSIER, a St Oswald’s churchwarden about to celebrate his eightieth year, suggests it may have been hastily arranged and not well-attended.

Robert’s gentleman father was Henry, a grocer and draper in Nafferton. Eight years of marriage hadn’t blessed them with children. In 1911, they were living in Town Hall Street, Grimsby with a servant, Edith Annie TRAFFORD, 20. Robert gave his occupation as an instructor of music – and wrote his wife’s middle name as “Sola”. She may have been living in Devon at the time of marriage but the census gives Hull as her birthplace. The following information needs to be checked. In September 1939, Robert is a widower, aged 72 and living in Scarborough on “Small Private Means”. He dies there six years later.

William PETTS (or PITTS) was born in Denver, Norfolk and ended his days there. It is probable he never strayed from the county in sixty-one years.

The only child FG&C gives us -Mary – marries a Norfolk man who moves north and expires in Langtoft near Driffield. A son, George, marries women from Hunmanby and Ganton and, inevitably, the two sets of CLARK offspring get mixed up with Filey folk. Samuel marries Rebecca BURR, daughter of David – the burial anniversary on 29 April.

Some stones in the churchyard are economical with the facts.

I have not been able to determine beyond reasonable doubt that Isaac Walker ETHEL(L) and Sarah MAINPRIZE are remembered here. (EYFHS provides the burial register entry for Sarah Elizabeth, who died in 1938 aged 74; her last address was on Station Avenue.)

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