The Lottery of Life

Donald the First was born in Carlton Road and baptised at St Oswald’s. Thirteen years later Donald the Second was dealt a better hand, marrying at St Oswald’s in 1951. Hilary Margaret married Arthur Leslie DENNISON at St Oswald’s in 1945. She died in Leicestershire.

Joseph was born in Queen Street, the fourth child of bootmaker Joseph IRELAND and Hannah PEACOCK. He was fifteen when his mother died. His father married Eliza LORRIMAN in August the following year, a few months after the lad was described in the Census as a shoemaker. Eliza was 44 and, not surprisingly, remained childless. Joseph junior did not marry and neither did those of his siblings who made it to adulthood. It does seem, though, that Eliza may have cared about our birthday bachelor. Kath notes poignantly that in 1901 Joseph was living alone at 25 Hope Street “near to his stepmother Eliza née Lorriman”. {Eliza’s mother was the first daughter of murdered sea captain Michael COOK.)

Joseph’s grave is among those “lost” but it can be pinpointed – as a sad rectangle of matted grass, its bounding kerb if it has one, hidden beneath the soil.

I expected to find that Samuel Kennedy CASS was related to the Scarborough musical family of that ilk. I was in for a surprise – if the Shared Tree is to be believed. It appears that Eleanor Ida LEWIS, born in Montreal, and Samuel from Pennsylvania, sailed across the Atlantic, married at St Oswald’s in August 1878 – and sailed back home almost immediately. Not, alas to live happily ever after. Samuel died the following August. Canadian sources offered on the Shared Tree are compelling. All I could find over here was the marriage register.

It seems that Eleanor’s father John Lewis had come along for the ride.

Ruth BARKER had a marriage anniversary in March but I was short of deaths to remember today. She was the sixth of eight children born to William, the landlord of the Three Tuns and Elizabeth RENNARD [MGBN-47N]. She had two sons with farmer Tom Gray COCKSWORTH. Tom Gray junior died soon after he was born. Tom Gray Reginald fared better, reaching the age of eighty, matching the longevity of his parents. (At some stage of his life he swapped his middle names and died as Tom Reginald Gray.

The Cocksworth grave is yet another that is overgrown and would make dismal viewing if photographed.

John Frankish ROOKE died at 8 Clarence Terrace on the 8th of August. He was buried in St Oswald’s churchyard but the location of the grave hasn’t been recorded.

Mark of Man 94 · Hunmanby Sands

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