Missing Pieces

I haven’t been keeping score, but the proportion of loving couples who travel a considerable distance to marry in Filey continues to grow. And it is rare to spot a connection that either party has with the town. It isn’t just marriages. Marjorie Lanyon Handcock, born in South Wales, was brought to Filey at the age of four to be baptised at the Wesleyan Chapel. Her mother Caroline LANYON took the opportunity to be baptised too. She was a native of Cornwall, 43 years old.

I didn’t expect to find any Anglo-Welsh connections to the Yorkshire coast but was delighted with what I did uncover. Seeing what anniversary people looked like is always a treat.

Wiki Tree says that Caroline Lanyon was baptised at Lanreath, Cornwall in 1851. I don’t have access to the 1890 Filey Wesleyan registers to check the Filey Genealogy & Connections reference. Not that it matters much. More important is the Lanyon or Handcock family connection to the town. I cannot see it on Wiki Tree.

Marjory and her husband lived for many years at The Homestead on Honiton Road, Exeter. The property came on the market recently and you can download a PDF of the details here.

John, son of Filey farmer Jackson PARKINSON and Frances FRANK, became a master mariner. He married twice but only his first wife Rachel JENKINSON is remembered on the headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard.

In affectionate remembrance of RACHEL, [unreadable], who died [May 1861 in pencil]

JOHN PARKINSON [unreadable], who was drowned on the voyage to London about the 23rd February1867 (?) [1879 in pencil], aged 63 years.

John’s baptism entry in 1817 makes his death in 1867 unlikely. My digitisation of the 1977 Crimlisk Survey doesn’t indicate who wrote that he died in 1879 and I haven’t found any newspaper accounts of his drowning.  

He married Mary UNDERWOOD at St Oswald’s in September 1863 and FG&C indicates that they had a son, John Thomas, who was baptised in October 1867.

Elizabeth LACY was blacksmith John MILLER’s second wife. FG&C doesn’t indicate him having children with either woman. (The Edward Miller offered by the Shared Tree looks  a dubious character to me.) Elizabeth died in Lancashire five years after John and her body was brought back to Filey. The couple’s headstone was moved from the grave to the north wall some years ago.

The only connection Florence NIGHTINGALE has to Filey is tenuous and unverifiable. William STORY, seventeen, died at Balaclava on 7 December 1855. The details of his passing are not known, leaving open the possibility that he died in a hospital from wounds received in the Crimean War – and was perhaps shown care and compassion by a future national treasure. For more speculation see Hilary, Florence and Richard.

Robert Lacy MILLER was a year and nine months old when he was buried in an unmarked St Oswald’s grave. He was totally alone on FG&C but the timing of his arrival makes him a shoo-in to be the son of today’s married couple. Non-Conformist Baptism Records show his birth in Bridlington on 11 November 1834 and baptism six days later.

The 1841 Gristhorpe Census shows blacksmith John Miller and his wife Elizabeth have two boys under their roof who may be their sons. George aged seven and James, one.

Bird 129 · Herring Gull

My next-door neighbour in Hope Street

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