Smith and Jones

The information in Filey Genealogy & Connections is sparse. A couple from Worcestershire, David JONES and Mary Ann SMITH married and started a family in Northamptonshire. David was a schoolmaster and his son Harold Clayton Jones followed him into the profession. Harold married Evelyn Rosalie MORETON at Filey St Oswald’s in 1920, without having any prior connection to the town (as far as I know). In 1939, The Register places them in The Schoolhouse, Ellesmere, Shropshire. With them are Evelyn Mary Clayton, 18 and seeking work, and David John Clayton, 14, a schoolboy. A brief note in FG&C suggested Evelyn senior’s father was a miner. A Welsh one perhaps. Evelyn died in Llanelli in 1970, aged 75.

Sarah was the first child born to Ann GARBUTT  (burial anniversary 5 May) and John COOK. Sarah died two or three days after she was baptised. Six years later, Sarah Mary joined the family and lived for 85 years.

James WALLER made his way from Norfolk to Filey and in 1878 married Sarah Jane WHEELER at St Oswald’s, thereby connecting to most of the town’s main fisher families. Elizabeth was the couple’s fourth child. In 1906, at the age of 22, she married John William RADDINGS in Hull. Three children were born in the first four years and Elizabeth noted their names on the 1911 Census form. John William was away on business transporting goods to and from Hull aboard the family-owned ships. He died in 1917 and Elizabeth was a widow for sixty years. This wedding photograph is part of a detailed and moving story that explains how events conspired to cause the brutal separation.

Sea 47 · North Sea & Filey Bay

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