Rock 33 · On the Beach

Robert WARD was described as a “working traveller” in 1871 and a “working jeweller and silversmith” ten years later. He married twice and his many children are spread untidily across the Shared Tree. Today’s birthday boy adds to the messy confusion by being born as Edmond Story Ward in York and buried as Edward Story in Filey. He was the first child of Robert’s second marriage.

His mother, Mary Jenkinson Story was the eldest sister of William, who died at Balaclava.

Ellen Gertrude SMITH has the lightest of footprints on Filey Genealogy & Connections – just the date of her baptism and a note that she is the daughter of Joseph and Mary. A little digging led to the discovery that Mary was a PICKERING, born in Staxton when her future husband was already working on the land around Lebberston. They would have a large family but, for now, we have to make do with Ellen and her sister Mary Jane. (JohnGalley WILLISwas a widower when Ellen married him.)

Richard FOORD and Mary TURNBULL married in Wykeham. Their daughter Ruth married David PINDER in Rudston and it was one of their sons, Frank, who made a connection to Filey. I am not sure if this Foord branch had anything to do with the Hotel in Queen Street.

In loving memory of ANN, the beloved wife of EDMUND S. COWLING, who died Sep 8th 1904 in her 30th year.

‘Weep not for me nor sorrow make

But love my child for my dear sake’

And their children, EDWARD aged 5 months, Edmund aged 2 days.

‘They sleep in Jesus’

Also of their grandson EDMUND COWLING, beloved son of GEORGE R. AND FANNY E. PEARSON, died Jan 3rd 1933 aged 4½ years.

‘God has gathered in our darling

Placed our bud amongst His flowers

Taken in our little treasure

To a better home than ours’

Edward Hobson WARDELL’s wife Isabella CAPPLEMAN celebrated her birthday on 14 April.

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