Beach 173 · Muston Sands

Florence Wilkinson TEMPLE is the sister of Charles Canby WILKINSON (birthday 27 April).  

The FARLINE family name is sometimes rendered as FARLING and even FARTHING. This makes searches of vital records rather annoying. Frederick, son of Frederick and Annie Jane PROCTOR (Annie o’ the Brigg), didn’t stay long. The parents tried again with “Frederick” nine years later. The Shared Tree tracks his progress to adulthood and marriage but there are no children and he dies at forty-two.

Elizabeth GOFTON was Robert FRANKLAND’s second wife. After registering the births of four children in Scarborough, the couple decided to emigrate to Canada. The Shared Tree has followed their fortunes – almost to the present day. The male line of Ronald Charles SEYMOUR, who died last December in California, goes back to 11th-century France and Guillaume Sainte-Maur.

Mary Frances McFARLANE’s last address was 8 Granville Road, Filey – the house she had shared with her husband William WITTY. William, a policeman, died aged 63 in October 1939. Mary Frances was a schoolteacher.

For more on George Gilbank WYVILL see About Another Boy.

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