To Canada Again?

Matthew GRICE and Ann LONGHORN married at Sherburn. Filey Genealogy & Connections has given them two sons who were baptised at Weaverthorpe in 1807 and 1809. The boys married Ann SCORSBY and Ann GROVES.

You may remember reading about Francis/Frank Grice, who died in Hull Prison while serving time for assaulting Lizzie WILKINSON in Edmund Crawford’s Herring House.

A different story unfolds on the Shared Tree.

This source is attached to William Grice who marries Sarah ROADHOUSE in Canada in 1833 and the Shared Tree is testimony to the couple’s fecundity.

In 1841, back in the old country, William Grice and Ann nee Scoresby are enumerated in Yedingham near Malton. They have five children aged six to nought – William, Robert, David, Richard, and Mary.

The ROADHOUSE family hailed from Monk Fryston, about three miles south of Sherburn in Elmet and sixty miles from the Sherburn near Weaverthorpe. A mix-up waiting to happen.

Mary Jane CAMMISH is the sister of Elizabeth, betrothed of Robert SNARR, whose tragic story was told by Charles Dickens.

Ann Elizabeth RUDD was the unmarried daughter of the Reverend Eric, perpetual curate of Thorne and vicar of Appleby in Lincolnshire. The Internet Archive has made Records of the Rudd Family freely available.

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One thought on “To Canada Again?

  1. The 3 Marriages You mentioned in the Grice family, have helped me rebuild the Grice tree. If you click on your link to the tree now it may not be perfect, but is a vast improvement. Regards Tom B Cammish


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