A Wayward Guesswork Wife

Jane Elizabeth WILLIS was the last of nine children born to fisherman John and Elizabeth WEBSTER. Kath took a punt on Filey Genealogy and Connections that Jane married John BELT, an insurance agent from Driffield. The Shared Tree, however, only gives John and Elizabeth four children, the youngest being John junior born in March 1873. Jane’s birth was registered in the September quarter of 1876, and she was baptised at the Ebenezer when she was three days old. Perhaps she was not expected to survive. She was buried in late spring the following year. John Belt married someone else.

Robert Lambert SELLER is a nephew of Elizabeth GOFTON, who went to Canada with her husband and children to start a new life. (Yesterday’s wedding anniversary couple.) In 1851, Robert was working on his father’s 170-acre farm in the hamlet of Leppington. I lost track of him after that.

In 1841, Henry BENTLEY was described in the Census as a “common brewer”. He did not have much longer to live but his son Henry junior continued the business successfully and Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries put Woodlesford on the map.

In the 1830s, seeking a seaside retreat, Henry senior built Ravine Hall in Filey and the narrow winding valley that formed the southern boundary of the small estate appeared on maps as Bentley’s Gill.  The birth of Norah, daughter of Henry junior and Jane Walker HOYLE, was registered in Scarborough in 1863 and she probably took her first breath here. She doesn’t have a place on the Shared Tree but a sister, born in 1896 when Jane was sixty-one, has been given representation. (Jane had actually been dead for twelve years.)

George WILLIS is longer-lived on the Shared Tree than his headstone indicates.

In memory of GEORGE WILLIS, who died August the 20th 1794, aged 67 years.

‘I have gained my port and am at last

Escaped the danger of the sea’

Also, MARY his wife, who died Nov 13 1816, aged 84 years.

Sand 46 · Tide-Washed Castle

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