The Stones Speak

George SCOTTER “fell asleep” on this date in 1961, aged 78 years. He was “loved with a love beyond all telling”.

George was survived by his second wife, Edith Annie, daughter of fisherman Edmond SAYERS and Sarah CAMMISH. Edith died in Silver Birches in 1983, aged 87. In a note on Filey Genealogy & Connections, Kath says –

She was a lovely lady.  Frustrated because of her lack of mobility as she got older – bones – arthritis etc.  Such a lady tho’ and with a sense of humour.

Edith would perhaps be wryly amused to be in the shadows of the family grave, allowing the first Mrs George Scotter her place in the sun.

Jane Elizabeth lives well beyond her allotted span on the FamilySearch Shared Tree.

Here is the GRO Index registration of her death.

She died about the time the third wave of the “Spanish ‘Flu” passed over the United Kingdom.

Landscape 161 · Filey Brigg

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