Flight of Fancy 52 · Carr Naze

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Kate Mary ANDREW was born in Queen Street, her birth date given in the Primitive Methodist baptism register. Her father had perhaps travelled up to Filey from Holderness to find work as a joiner but he didn’t stay here long. In 1871 the family was enumerated in Sculcoates and Kate had the company of Rosa, 3, and Herbert, 1. She was taken from them about six weeks after the enumerator had noted her existence and was buried in her father’s home village. It is most unlikely that anyone ever told her that she was a direct descendant of Alfred the Great of Wessex, King of the Anglo-Saxons. Who knew?

Ruth CALLIS was the first of four daughters born to William, a basket maker from Leeds and Scarborian Sarah Jane STORK. From the generation after Kate Mary (above), she was baptised at the Ebenezer, the “new” Primitive Methodist Chapel, and had twenty-six years of life ahead of her. Aged six in 1901 she was with her parents and great-grandfather John STORK in Queen Street. (John, 77, was “in receipt of relief”.) Ten years later, Ruth was visiting widow Elizabeth Bailey in Providence Place, hardly a stone’s throw from her parents’ house. I don’t think Elizabeth and Ruth were related by blood. In her final decade, Ruth approached marriageable age but had to watch the men she might have loved being taken for soldiers, and many not returning home. Her death was registered in Scarborough but her mother’s last address two years earlier had been in Mariner’s Terrace, so perhaps Ruth died in Filey too.

Francis is one of the Folkton WINTRINGHAMs but some sources insist on “Winteringham”. A blood connection with Beecroft and his baptised children (22 August) hasn’t been established yet – surely it will be eventually. Francis and his wife Emma KING are here because one of their descendants, Francis Henry PEARSON, chose to move just a few miles south and marry a COWLING, thereby facilitating connections to Filey families that have yet to be made on the Shared Tree. To name a few – Crawford, Colling, Douglas, Richardson, and Watkinson. Sarah “Sally” WALLER and her husband, the chocolatier Werner Walter STERCHI, did not have any children. Both died at Crossgates, Seamer in the 1950s. Sally is remembered on a family headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard.

It was the birthday of Sally’s brother George on 29 May and I mentioned then that the pair had been given the wrong paternal grandparents on FamilySearch. Great grandmother Sarah COLEMAN was widowed in the early 1860s and married widower Jacob WINSHIP soon afterwards. The Winship household in Mosey’s Yard, Filey, contained seven children in 1871 – a mix from three marriages but all with the Winship name and all wrongly claimed to have been born in Edgefield, Norfolk. Setting them straight is not going to be easy.

Sarah Jane SEMPLE (or SAMPLE) had nine children with her husband Walter UNWIN. Find them on the Shared Tree, with a photograph of the couple’s St Oswald’s headstone

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