Mark of Man 95 · Nectango of the Gods

Martin’s Ravine

The grid ID for Charles Jenkinson ROBINSON doesn’t give him much of a history. His details page says he has zero possible duplicate IDs but if you take a look at “just Charles” GD85-WYW a path opens to second great grandparents James Robinson and Grace CAMMIISH. You can take a further step back in time to James’ parents.

Charles went by “Charlie ‘Obby”, in deference to his father Thomas Robert “Hobby” Robinson. Occam’s Razor may be a helpful pointer to the nickname’s origin.

Jane WILSON was a farmer’s daughter who chose not to marry. Manor Farm must have been quite small, located on King/Queen Street where the present-day Providence Place flats are, but census returns indicate that it gave employment to at least three of Joseph’s children in each decade. When he died, his wife took over the running of the farm.

Jane shares a headstone remembrance with her younger brother Richard. In 1911 he was a 52-year-old bachelor, a “farmer’s son working on farm”. His mother was then 89, a farmer, with unmarried sister Elizabeth DICKENSON, 91, living with her.

There are a couple of issues with today’s married couple. My RootsMagic database has the same John SIMPSON as the Shared Tree but there are two women called Sarah CAPPLEMAN to resolve. My Sarah is the daughter of John Cappleman and Sarah HOLTBY and died in 1870 aged 69. The Shared Tree’s Sarah, daughter of Robert and Sarah THEAKER, died eight years later aged 78. Both women were born in Filey, in 1800/1801. So, which one married John? All three were buried in St Oswald’s churchyard but there are no memorials. Oh, I have just noticed that my John died in 1842 and Shared Tree John “after 1851”.

In loving memory of JAMES MONKMAN of Filey, who died [blank] Oct 1867, aged [blank] years.

Also, JANE his wife, died Oct 20 1900, aged 85 years.

Also, HENRY MONKMAN their son, who died Aug [blank] 1915, aged [blank] years.

One thought on “Mark of Man 95 · Nectango of the Gods

  1. See Jane Crowforth LC7P-YNK The headstone makes me Wonder if the record is correct, or if another James Monkman? Where Henry would be too young to be a grandson? Regards Tom B Cammish


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