Skin Pennies

Another well-known pluralist was Dr Richard Osbaldeston, who at various times during his ministry at Hunmanby (1715-1762) held office as rector of Hinderwell and Folkton, curate of Muston and Dean of York. At first, his customary fees included one “skin penny” for each burial performed by a colleague at Reighton. A new incumbent, John Sumpton, however, challenged this anomaly, and payment stopped forthwith.

Curious Tales of Old East Yorkshire by Howard Peach

John Sumpton was a third great grandfather of Sumpton BROWN and clearly had a backbone. He moved on to Filey and made his mark here. Kath notes that “his name is registered in the porch”. His granddaughter Susanna seems more likely to have inspired the forwarding of the family name as a given or middle name to descendants.

(A penny in 1750 would buy something valued at £0.93GBP today.)

Doris Annie, daughter of Nafferton grocer George Edwin SMITHSON and Annie HALL, was baptised at the Ebenezer in Filey on 26 October 1913. She married Leonard Hurworth DALE at St Oswald’s in May 1939. Leonard had founded Dale Electric in Gristhorpe four years earlier and would receive an MBE in 1969 for services to Export. Doris died two years before her husband, her last address given as Okanagan, Filey Road, Gristhorpe. A short distance to the west, an estate of new houses has been built recently on the site of the Dale Electric factory.

David SHIELDS was born in Brompton by Sawdon and Elizabeth BANE in South Cave, about forty miles away. How they met is a mystery, but they married at Filey St Oswald’s in 1819 and set about raising nine children in Gristhorpe. The Shared Tree shows they have descendants in the 21st century. Not many and none bearing the Shields name.

Mary Ann STORY is the grandmother of Mary Margaret CRISP (baptism anniversary two days ago).

 Thomas Edward ELLIS was born in Rochdale, married Eliza Mary BURR in Scarborough, worked as a hairdresser in York (mostly) and is buried in Filey. In 1911, after twelve years of marriage, the couple had five children, all living. Eliza Mary is on the Shared Tree but isn’t married yet and maybe a couple of siblings short.

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