Measure of Man 85 · Stone Circle

Filey Sands

I chose Frederick Bernard HEAPE from a nine-person birthday list because his name rang a bell. When I checked back, I found it was Frederick Etherington Heape that I had written about eleven years ago in the original LaF blog. But they have Swadlincote in common – as their birthplace, and Fred Bernard’s father John also came from that small town in Derbyshire. The Shared Tree confirms that John is Etherington’s brother and Bernard’s father.

Our birthday boy was baptized at the Ebenezer by his uncle on the 27th of November following his birth two months earlier. The older Frederick was a Primitive Methodist minister in Filey for four years before being moved on to Bridlington. Canadian documents covering young Frederick’s passage through to Japan indicate that he had joined the Church of England. I don’t know how long he was away travelling, or what his business was, but he was unaccompanied, having left his wife Lizzie living in an Ilkley hotel.

Canada also features in the life of Richard Stanley MARR. It is where Richard marries Elsie May ADAMSON. The source given on the Shared Tree indicates that the parents of the happy couple could reasonably be described as near neighbours – but not how far Richard and Elsie had travelled to make their vows.

It is about 17 miles by road from Hull to Hornsea and a 10 hour 50 minute flight by modern jetliner from Humberside to Longueuil Airport.

Information contributed to Find My Past tells us that Elsie’s parents emigrated to Canada in 1911 and died there. Richard and Elsie seem to have returned to the United Kingdom for a while but then returned to Canada. Elsie died in Montreal in 1955 and Richard in Longueuil at the age of eighty.

In loving memory of a dear uncle, FREDERICK ARTHUR STURGESS, died 21st May 1943, aged 71 years.

A dear aunt, ELIZA ANNIE STURGESS, died 24th Dec 1962, aged 92 years.


The stone remembering William BOND is one of those “previously recorded by other parties and no longer in existence or cannot be found” (East Yorkshire Family History Society, 2015). The Crimlisk Survey places the stone in section D next to a small cross erected by William and his wife Emily in memory of their daughter Florrie. The cross has broken but most of the inscription on the base is legible.

FLORRIE, beloved daughter of WILLIAM and EMILY BOND, died Aug 31 1910, aged 10 years.

William, a railway porter, seems to have met Emily Appleyard ARNIT while working at a station on the Selby to Market Weighton branch line near Bubwith. They married at Howden in 1899 and Florrie was born at their cottage in Foggathorpe the following year. At some time in the next ten years, William was transferred to Filey, where William and Emily, bereft, were enumerated at 4 Station Cottages in 1911. The St Oswald’s burial register gives William’s last address as 28 Newlands, Filey.

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