Establishing Parentage

Jane WEBSTER was born in Staithes on this date in 1774 and baptised at Hinderwell the following day. The new style Details Page on FamilySearch shows the family…

Jane has 36 sources attached to her record but none gives information about her first couple of days on the planet. Here is a source that does…

The Shared Tree indicates that Sarah ATKINSON was six months pregnant when she married Thomas. If Ann SHADFORTH was Jane’s mother, she had been married for over three years when Jane was conceived.

This Jane has only one source, but it looks familiar.

Jane’s husband drowned in Filey Bay when she was about fifty years old. She was taken in by her youngest daughter Susannah and son-in-law William. Aged 86 in 1861, she had the company of ten grandchildren at the SAYERS residence in Ocean Place.

Mary Anne PEGLER is the mother of the Reverend Canon Arthur Nevile COOPER who cared for his Filey flock for over 50 years – when he wasn’t off on his months-long walking tours of Europe.

Samuel STONEHOUSE and Rachel WAUGH married in Scalby. Some of their descendants would play leading roles in future Filey dramas.

Peter Cappleman BURN is the son of Ann CAPPLEMAN, and his father may have been Andrew HUNTER. Ann’s first husband, Thomas Bradley Burn, died in May 1864 and she married Andrew Hunter at St Oswald’s on 13 September 1868. Peter’s birth was registered in the March Quarter of 1868 but the mother’s maiden surname was left blank. In the 1871 household of Andrew Hunter, 8 Wenlock Place, he is Peter Hunter, aged 3, but isn’t part of the family on the Shared Tree. Posthumously, he appears in a London Gazette Index as ‘Peter Cappleman Burn, Postman, Filey Sub-Office, Scarborough’. And on his headstone…

Evron Sister of Charity Gertrude THOY is “Annie” in the St Oswald burial register. There is a birth registration that fits her very well.

Stone 30 · Northcliffe

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