Hot Summer

England has had its joint hottest summer on record, the Met Office says.

Provisional figures show the summer of 2022 – covering June, July and August – had an average temperature of 17.1C.

BBC News 1 September

This is a surprise because the north of England is generally considered to be colder than the south.

How is the Northeast of England faring on the pathway to 2040 and the Paris GLOBAL AVERAGE temperature target of 1.5°C above preindustrial?

Below is a chart showing the Mean Temperature at Durham Tees at the end of each week of Spring and Summer this year. These are running average figures from the start of the meteorological year (1 December 2021). To make the rise and fall of temperature more apparent I have used warming rate figures to create the chart and only added two “boxes” showing temperatures above preindustrial at the beginning of Spring and the end of Summer.

This is not an attempt at deception! The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) opined that the Global Average Temperature had risen to approximately one degree centigrade above preindustrial by the end of 2017. For my purposes, I have chosen to go with precisely 1°C at the end of November 2017. For the global average to reach 1.5°C at the end of November 2040 the temperature must rise by 0.02174 degrees per annum, or what I have decided to call one IPCC Unit. The “smallness” of the IPCC unit when set against a whole degree stretches the columns of the chart and gives it more clarity.

A Warming Rate of 73 is concerning – and notice it was slightly higher in Spring Week 4. But the Grand Solar Minimum and/or a Little Ice Age are on the way and, besides, there are other things to worry about before 2040.

Note: The math to turn the warming rate to a temperature above preindustrial is simple if you have the current expected pathway figure above P-I. At the start of spring, it was 1.09 and at the end of summer 1.10. Oh, and remember, one IPCC unit is 0.02174. Go figure!

Jane Elizabeth FELL married John Jenkinson McINTYRE at St Oswald’s just before Christmas 1901. They set up home in Shipley in the West Riding where two sons were born and then relocated to Nuneaton in Warwickshire. They were enumerated at 60 Gadsby Street, Attleborough in 1911 and living at the same address when The Register was taken in 1939.

On the Shared Tree’s Parallel Filey, lives are being messed up.   


Mary Jane APPLEBY was baptised at the “old” Primitive Methodist Chapel (not the Ebenezer). The family moved up to Skinnigrove where Mary remained single and worked as a domestic servant in the Guisborough and Redcar areas. Her death year is in italics on the grid because I have not been able to confirm it.

Mary SAVITT’s birth year is disputed. The Crimlisk One Name Study is not alone in giving 1781 but Filey Genealogy & Connections says she was born in Killybegs, Donegal, in 1868. This makes her the oldest anniversary person here so far. The GRO Index agrees that Mrs Mary McDAVIT died aged a hundred and two. 

Mark of Man 96 · No Dogs

Crescent Hill Slip

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