A Bigamist?

Gertrude Ada REASTON and her younger sister Floretta were born in Filey and baptised at St Oswald’s. On 20 September 1860, they were baptised again in Leamington. In late 1877 Gertrude married William Henry STOKES, a Tutor in Classics and Language, in Coventry. Earlier in the year, he had married Anna P. WOOD in Michigan. Remarkable fellow. He had children with both women, Gertrude’s first daughter sandwiched between two American boys, Thomas and Stanley. The Shared Tree moving in mysterious ways yet again.

Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE was born in Fryup and doesn’t seem to connect with the notable Filey bearers of this family name. (Nor is she related by blood to Samuel of Cayton, birthday boy on 4 August.) She married shepherd Timothy PATTISON in 1875 and they set up a home in Brafferton. A widow in 1911, she was living with unmarried daughter Mary Ellen in nearby Helperby on census night. About two weeks later Mary Ellen married Filey painter Henry PERRYMAN in Brafferton. After the births of a son and a daughter, Henry went to war and didn’t return.

William Wollaston PYM – see Wiki Tree.

Henry Read SCOTTER is the son of John, birthday anniversary 21 May. (Monumental Inscription.)

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Monkey Island (if memory serves…)

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  1. Hello Again, Reason looks a bit better now. I was taught how to splice, about 60 years ago by an old sea-farer on West pier Scarborough.


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