Death in a Distant Country

Basil Freer BEVERLEY is a singleton on Filey Genealogy & Connections, with a note that he was born in Ilkley to parents William Anthony, a wool merchant, and Anna Maria. His birth was, however, registered in Scarborough and baptism at St Oswald’s points to him being born in Filey.  

He accidentally drowned in the Western Nara Canal on the first day of June 1911 at the age of 25 years and 11 months. He was working as an Assistant Engineer for the Public Works Department, the place of death given as Tharri Mohbat Taluka  Mehar, District Larkhana, Sind. A canal runs through the town today.

The Superintending Engineer has communicated the death of Mr Beverley to his father at Weston-super-Mare by the mail leaving Karachi 8th June 1911.

Government Report

The distance from Tharri Mohbbat to Weston is a little over 5,000 miles by road.

On Filey Genealogy & Connections, the parents of Thomas COULTAS and his wife’s maiden surname are not known. His birth on 6 September 1843 is noted and he has a son called William Riby.

FamilySearch begs to differ.

I ran with William Riby for a while because FG&C is my default starting position. I found soon enough that the Shared Tree was closer to the truth.

William Riby’s parents are John William Coultas and Mary Ann COOKE. They are not married yet on the Shared Tree.

But Thomas is the focus here. He was unsure where he was born if the census returns are anything to go by Brompton, Crosscliff, Ebberston, and Wykeham all get a mention. His father William was a farm labourer but in 1861 Thomas was apprenticed to shoemaker Shae APPLEBY in Burniston. Thomas’ younger sister was born in the village that year and the Coultas family was living at 36 High Street, Burniston ten years later. Thomas was with them, working as a shoemaker, and younger brother John, 19, was a “shipsmith”. (That’s how I read it!) A few doors along the street, laundress Hannah BOOTH, 29, was living with her widowed mother Mary. They had a lodger, shoemaker Robert IRELAND, 19. I don’t know how long Thomas and Hannah had been courting but they married three months later at St Mary’s Church in Scarborough.

Four children were born to the couple in the following decade but Hannah died in 1882 aged 40, when her youngest child, William Robert, was only two. Thomas waited seventeen years before marrying again. He was living in Burniston with Elizabeth and William Robert in 1891. At 4, Fish Yard in Scarborough in 1901 he was with the former widow ABRAM, two of her sons and his own Elizabeth Ann, a domestic servant. In 1911 he had given up making shoes and was, with his wife Mary Ann, taking care of the house of a presumably wealthy spinster, Laura Anne JACKSON in Westfield Terrace

Although they married at St Oswald’s, James HOWGATE and Hannah Jane FOX were both born in Dewsbury, children of woollen cloth manufacturers. The knot is waiting to be tied on the Shared Tree.

Luke BULMER’s mother Mary was the “birthday girl” on the 1st of March.

Out of time to search for William BROOKS.

Found Object 72 · Spoon

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