It’s Not Looking Good

Unattributed Artist

Liz Truss is a woman more bloodthirsty than Hillary Clinton with one-tenth of her gravitas. The British people certainly deserve better because no one should be treated to such depravity. She is a band-aid on an open wound festering as the hounds of winter circle in for the kill.

Tom Luongo

Liz Truss v. Graham Phillips

Alfred Bird STATHERS see Stathers the Chemist

Row 10 1249 Johnson D123

In affectionate remembrance of THOMAS JOHNSON, who died Feb 18 1870, aged 56 years.

Also, MARY, his beloved wife, who died May 19 1897, aged 77 years.

Also, five sons of the above, George died Sep 7 1847 aged 7 years; WILLIAM, EDMUND, HENRY AND JOSEPH, died in infancy

‘Watch for ye know not what

Hour your Lord doth come’

Also, ELSIE, great granddaughter of the aboveand daughter of TOM and MARY JOHNSON.

(Stone partly buried)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Row 39 1630 Skerry D390

In loving memory of ROBERT SKERRY, who died at Harrogate, September 3rd 1886, aged 50 years.

‘His end was peace’

Crimlisk Survey 197

Mark of Man 98 · Somewhere in Filey

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