Found Object 73 · Beach Ball

Mary Ellen HIRST has a FamilySearch ID in orange italics because she has been “killed off” too soon. Her parents seem to have more IDs than they need but my days of tackling merges on the Shared Tree are over. Mary Ellen’s mother was the widow HANSON when she married Henry. She had been married for less than four years to a painter – an artist – who I have not been able to track down. Both Mary Ellen and her mother died in Sheffield in their late eighties but an unusual grave in St Oswald’s churchyard remembers them.

Row 22 1462 Hirst D252 Paved Area

MARY ELLEN, daughter of HENRY and HANNAH HIRST 1864 – 1953.

In loving memory of HENRY HIRST, 1823 – 1915.

HANNAH, his wife,1828 – 1917

GEORGE, their son,1860 – 1878

JENNIE, their daughter,1858 – 1916

Filey born Elizabeth KITCHEN married James Soutter STEAD in Northallerton just after Christmas 1895 and raised a large family with him. James, three years older than Elizabeth, was born in Osmotherley. Both died in Northallerton, (James six years before his wife).

John Stanley BIRD, a waggon builder from Doncaster, married Rose at St Oswald’s in 1929. They don’t appear to have had children. John’s last address was 6 Hope Street and his death was registered in Buckrose, not Croydon.

Row 7 1184 Gardner D86

In loving memory of ANN, wife of ROBERT GARDNER, who died Nov 6th 1909, aged 63 years.

‘She’s gone, the one we loved so dear

To her eternal rest.

She’s gone to Heaven we have no fear

Where she is ever blest’

Also, WILLIAM SCOTT GARDNER, son of the above, who died Dec 18th 1886, aged 11 months.

Also of the above ROBERT GARDNER, who died Sept 10th 1912, aged 74 years.

At Rest’

Alfred OSBOURNE and Eliza Jane WAITES have only two children on the Shared Tree at the moment. Bessie is one of five more that they brought into the world. Some online trees have Bessie’s father dying in the Great War when she was four years old but I’m not sure about this. I think there may be two Alfreds and they have been mixed up. At marriage, Arthur was a “dealer”, the same occupation as his father, George. Some trees say Alfred’s father was Thomas Oliver, or just Oliver, a bricklayer from Cambridge. CWGC doesn’t provide age or next of kin information.

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