A Picture of Elinor

Elinor CLARKE was born in Manchester to paper stainer John Dennison and Jane née SKELTON. At eighteen, the census catches her as a schoolmistress on the Fylde coast. She may not have had to work for a living for long. Twenty years later she was paying her way with “interest from monies” and died as one of Filey’s wealthiest inhabitants. See Lady Elinor but note that links to the British Library Web Archive have broken.

She was “a friend of Queen Victoria” but is poorly presented on the Shared Tree. There must be photographs of her somewhere, but I have yet to see one. Here is a word picture of her funeral.

See also, Fox Hunt.

Maria is one of three children baptised on this date in 1860 at St Oswald’s. (The others are Christiana LORRIMAN and Jane GREEN.) Mary Ann LYON (sometimes LION) was only eighteen when she married George STONE the previous November. How did Victorian teenagers feel about burying their first child? When the enumerator called on 7 April 1861, Maria was no more. Mary Ann was lodging in Wenlock Place with Widow COLLEY and George is elsewhere but must have returned because two more children would arrive and take his name – Mary Jane in 1863 and Robert in 1866. (George and Mary Ann were living in Bridlington in 1866 but brought Robert to Filey to be baptised.)

On the Shared Tree Maria could hardly be more isolated.

William NOCKELLS and Ann Elizabeth Bloom BARRETT married at Filey St Oswald’s but both had been born in Norfolk. After marriage, they settled in Scarborough to raise a family. I picked up six children in the GRO Index but haven’t found the parents on the Shared Tree yet.

Abstract 105 · Sandscape

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