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Filey Genealogy & Connections places the births of William COLLINGWOOD and his father in Flamborough and doesn’t offer the maiden surname of Mrs Collingwood. The Shared Tree more than satisfied my curiosity with memories of William’s descendants in Hull.

I chose Sarah BEAL from the baptism list because I was not familiar with the family name in real-world Filey. I found her to be the maternal grandmother of Harold Edward GASH (AP 426 · burial · 12 March) and his younger brother Edward (AP 1305 · death · 2 August). FG&C tells us that John BEAL, a Hunmanby fishmonger, is Sarah’s father. This has the support of two Blue Hints on the Shared Tree. It is less certain that Mary EDMUND was the mother of John’s ten children. (There is a Hunmanby record of John Beal marrying Mary IDLE in 1810. FG&C has John’s first child being born in 1813.) At the 1841 census, he was a sixty-year-old widower in Stonegate with four offspring – Ann (25), John junior (a schoolmaster aged 20), William and Margaret. Records indicate that John may have been born in 1787 (not 1781), that his wife Mary died in 1838 aged 50, and that he married Mary ROBERTS in 1841. In 1861, John is working as an agricultural labourer (aged 75) and Mary is sixty years old. They are living in Northgate, Hunmanby. John dies six years later, his age given as 80 in the death registration.

Mary FOSTER married her first husband at Filey St Oswald’s on 17 September 1929 and her second in the same church ten years and a day later. With war clouds gathering, it was also the second marriage for Clifford Hubert DAVIES. His first wife, Elsie MASON, is still apparently living on the Shared Tree.

Mary’s two marriages didn’t last. Less than a year after her daughter’s baptism at St Oswald’s, her husband died. Death took Mary before she celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary with Clifford, Rector of Stokesley, Rural Dean and Canon of York.

On the Shared Tree, Gladys Mary is the eighth child of Thomas William “Crow” JENKINSON. She should have a more extensive pedigree, going all the way back to the first Filey Jenkinson via Robert and Margaret TRUCKLES/TRATTLES. but the connections have yet to be made. She was fifteen years old when her fisherman father was “killed by a steel rope flying off a steam capstan on the steam drifter Pride of Filey”(source: Filey; Fishing  Faith and Family Since 1800, Irene Allen & Andrew Todd).

He is John George WALLER in the GRO Birth Index but the middle name is usually missing in his sources. John is the father of George (AP 908 · birth · 29 May) and Sally (AP 1456 · death · 26 August). He continues to be misrepresented by a duplicate ID on the Shared Tree (see Beach 165). Born in Erpingham, Norfolk to William Waller and Sarah COLEMAN, he married Mary Ann WHEELER at Filey St Oswald’s on 26 June 1886. They had three children. On 15 September 1902, Thomas HUNTER took Messrs PEECH and STEEL out in the bay on a fishing trip and asked John to accompany them. John had worked as a fisherman for some years but was now a painter. Thomas’s coble, The Children’s Friend, was a new vessel bought for him by the aforementioned gentlemen, following the loss of his old coble the previous year while fishing off the “white cliffs”. The party headed for Bempton Cliffs on this day, the coble capsized and all four were thrown into the sea. Only Mr Peech survived. He managed to swim ashore, scale the cliffs by the gully known as the Crow Shoot, and alert the coastguard. The bodies of the three drowned men were found on rocks at the base of the cliffs the following day. Mr Steel was taken to Sheffield for interment at Fulwood Cemetery. John and Thomas rest in St Oswald’s churchyard.

Row 22 | 1460 Waller D254 | Carved wrecked coble

In loving memory of JOHN WALLER, drowned Sep 15th 1902, aged 41 years.

‘Be ye also ready’

LILLIAN, his daughter died Nov 14th 1901, aged 3 years.

MARY ANN, his beloved wife, died March 17th 1948, aged 86 years.

‘She lived for others’

SALLY, their daughter, loving wife of WALTER STERCHI, died Aug 26 1953, aged 57 years.

‘A flower amidst flowers

Faded too soon’

WALTER STERCHI, died Feb 13th 1956, aged 63 years.


Row 42 | 797 Hunter G657 | Wrecked sailing coble

In loving memory of THOMAS HUNTER, the beloved husband of MARY ANN HUNTER,

who was drowned near Bempton Cliffs, Sep 15th 1902, aged 55 years.

‘A dear one from our sight is gone

A voice we loved is stilled

A place is vacant in our home

Which never can be filled’

Also of MARY ANN, wife of the above, who died March 16 1917, aged 69 years.

‘A loving mother she has been

Many troubles she has seen

For all of us she did her best

May God grant her eternal rest’

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  1. Hello Taken all Day to do after several false trails. Finaly feel I have the answer (See the 1881 Census attached to 1954 William Waller & 1957 James Waller) See John George Waller LRPY-2VP Married to Mary Ann Wheeler. Regards


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