Mark of Man 99 · Cross

St Oswald’s Vestry Door

On Filey Genealogy & Connections, today’s birthday celebrant is Jane JACKSON, born in 1881 in Lebberston. Her paternal grandparents are not given but her mother’s forebears go a little way back through BRUMPTON, SOWERSBY, HUTCHINSON and LINSKILL. On the Shared Tree, Jane has the middle name Elizabeth, turning up in Lebberston in 1884, and having no maternal grandparents. Her Jackson line ends with her grandparents. So, with just a  FamilySearch Tree ID and zero sources, Jane requires attention.

We know when she was born, or we think we do. FG&C adds that she was baptised in a private Wesleyan ceremony on 11 October 1881. I don’t know where Kath found this source but it clearly challenges the Shared Tree’s 1884.

Jane is consistent knocking two or three years off her age at census time – until the 1939 Register when she offers 18 September 1881. That’s the day before FG&C but I’ll press on regardless.

Jane has five siblings and one of the Jackson six dies before 1911. Jane is missing from the family home in 1891 – but is with her grandmother Eliza née LINSKILL in Hope Street. In 1901, she is supposedly 18 and housekeeper to farmer John Jackson at Lebberston. John is her older brother and he marries Jane Monkman PUCKRIN before the year is out. In the spring of 1904, Jane marries Alfred Ashton STONEHOUSE in Scarborough and I have found registrations for three children, the first was named John and the last William Brumpton. Mary in the middle is with her parents (and husband Edward B NICHOLSON) at Market Place, Helmsley, in September 1939. Alfred, though retired, is a special constable. He dies in 1941, aged 69. Jane, nine years younger than her husband, has quite a few years ahead of her but I can’t be sure exactly how many. The best-fit death registration I could find (on date alone) takes her to 1959, aged 77. I am amused to think of her in old age, getting cross with someone and declaring “do you think I was born yesterday?”

I couldn’t ignore Walter Ernest LINSKILL. He is a singleton in my database, with just the FG&C pointer to parents called George & Elizabeth. Was he related to birthday Jane? I couldn’t advance much further than the information already presented on the Shared Tree, unable to find anything on Walter Ernest after the 1921 census.

Herbert GARDNER is the son of Robert (AP 1546 · death · 10 September) and Ann SCOTT.

Betsey Ann GOFTON is the daughter of Mary Jane BROWN (AP 317 · death · 22 February) and John Glaves GOFTON.

Row 49 888 Robinson G737 Black

Replaced original gravestone

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