Oh! Brother

James MEDD was a widower when he married Jane Hannah FERGUSON at St Oswald’s. Both were residents in Filey for a while but shortly after their marriage, they travelled to the West Midlands to set up their first home.

William doesn’t make a convincing brother for James. The boy is one of several children James had with his first wife, Elizabeth YOUNG. James has several duplicate IDs on the Shared Tree and Jane is waiting to be attached to him. Despite her relative youth, Jane does not appear to have borne any children. They are a couple on the census nights of 1881 and 1891 in Hull. I think William married and had several children but I haven’t had time to follow his progress.

Filey Genealogy & Connections doesn’t usually lead me astray.

Annie had two older sisters and a brother. Firstborn Emma possibly greeted the arrival of Mary Elizabeth and Annie Jane – and wondered why they didn’t stay for long. She herself gave up on life when she was eight. Only brother John lived long enough to marry and replicate, but he appears from nowhere on the Shared Tree.

John Baron WYRILL is another child brought to Filey from a great distance to be baptised, for reasons I can’t fathom.

Jane GOFTON was a widow for a quarter of a century after her husband was killed by an express train. She met her maker thanks, in part, to a flock of sheep.

George KIRLEW’s male line goes back to the 16th century and his people didn’t stray far from Hemingbrough for generations. George married Sarah Ann I’ANSON (or JANSON) in 1899 and worked as a railway clerk. Widowed in 1936, he was living in Queen’s Terrace with single daughter Edith when the 1939 Register was taken. (Edith married George FARLING early in 1940.) George and Sarah Ann are buried in St Oswald’s churchyard. There isn’t a headstone.

Row 16 | 2005 Kirlew F168 | Kerb

In loving memory of SARAH A. KIRLEW, died Oct 9th 1936.

Also of her husband GEORGE KIRLEW, died Sep 18th 1941.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Path 181 · Long Lane

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