Wave 60 · South Bay

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Elizabeth Christiana WELBURN is a singleton on Filey Genealogy & Connections but has a note saying her parents are “Wm/Hannah”. She is on the Shared Tree as Elizabeth Christine with parents William and Hannah BISHOP – and a husband with a male line going back to the beginning of the eighteenth century. Born in Muston and baptised at the Wesleyan chapel  (in Filey presumably), she died in 1918 aged 26. She had given birth to three children after marrying at sixteen so I wondered if the “Spanish flu” had brought about her death. Her grandmother Welburn’s maiden surname was given as DAVISON when her father’s birth was registered. Elizabeth was a widow when she married George and had scratched out her birth family name on the marriage register.

I spent most of the day updating my RootsMagic database to reflect Welburn/Welborn/Wilborn realities and didn’t have much time for anyone else.

(Elizabeth LAMBERT, born Wickmere, Norfolk to Robert and Sarah.)

John MAINPRIZE was the only listed death today and he may have had little to do with Filey, spending all his life in Flamborough perhaps.

I put the Filey St Oswald’s headstone remembering Francis SPINK on the Shared Tree about three years ago.

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