Relative Events

Without knowingly clicking in the Relative Events checkbox on the main pages of my Filey Folk in Roots Magic 8, I began to get lists that were initially disconcerting. I thought I neither needed nor wanted them. Rhodes CHAMBERS, baptised on this day in 1836, has changed my mind.

Rhodes is the brother of Ann Elizabeth (AP 484 · burial · 21 March). Looking back, I see that I created her ID on the Shared Tree but wrote nothing about her. Nor did I upload her headstone to FamilySearch as a memory.

Row 13 300 Chambers G221

Sacred to the memory of RHODES CHAMBERS, son of JAMES & ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, who died May 17th 1850, aged 13 years.

Also of ANN ELIZABETH their daughter, who died March 25th 1845, aged 18 months Also of JAMES, who died in his infancy.

Parents James and Elizabeth buried two infants and then Rhodes when he was thirteen years old. The Relative Events option in RM8 gives a clear timeline of the arrivals and departures of the siblings.

I wonder if Rhodes had become a person of interest to the infant James the Second before he was taken away. And how long did the younger son James survive? The 1871 census records that he is a “shoeing smith” in Sheffield, aged 22 and married with a two-year-old daughter called Elizabeth. James’ parents are living about a mile away but I think they die in the city a few years later. In 1881, a blacksmith who may be James is a boarder at the Old Barrel Inn, Pond Street, Sheffield but he is declared to be a single man and his birthplace in Yorkshire is not clearly stated in the enumerator’s book.  

Mary Jane was the daughter of Richard  Baxter COWLING (AP 633 · death · 15 April) and Alice BAYES (AP 609 · death · 11 April). Her birth date is given as 7 October 1909 in the 1939 Register. She was nine years old when her father was lost from Emulator. At 26 she married Frederick Robert FUTTY at Filey St Oswald’s. In 1939 Frederick worked as a joiner and Mary was a laundry worker. I don’t think they had any children. Mary was a widow for about eighteen years, and her last address was 12 Birch Close.

John ABBOTT was born in Sigglesthorne and Jane in Northumberland. They married in Jane’s home village of Warden, near Hexham but began their family in Fraisthorpe, Bridlington. Their fifth child George [MG8X-PMT] and his wife Nancy BINNINGTON are buried in Filey churchyard.

Alice loses one of her middle names on the Shared Tree. She married Arthur Jabez SAWDON (AP 209 · death · 4 February); her father-in-law Abel SAWDEN is also an anniversary person (AP 535 · marriage · 30 March).

Samuel PRUDAMES is the grandfather of Ruth Charlotte who is an anniversary person twice over (AP 497 · death · 10 May and AP 1431 · marriage · 22 August). One awful day she watched her husband fail in his attempt to save five drowning children at Reighton.

Row 2 1044 Prudames D28

In memory of MARY ANN, wife of SAMUEL PRUDAMES, who died May 28 1867, aged 62 years.

Also of the above named SAMUEL PRUDAMES, who died Oct 8th 1877, aged 81 years.

Beach 178 · Filey Sands

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